Construction Cycle

Many people fear that a custom build or renovation will be a stressful, chaotic experience. This does not have to be the case.CustomCottage_ProductionPhase

As Design/Build professionals, we work closely with our clients to ensure there is a plan that continues to progress on schedule.

The following steps outline our construction cycle:

1. Project Scheduling

  • We explain in detail a pre-set schedule and how work will be completed within designated timeframes.
  • An agreed upon schedule helps to enhance workflow and minimize disruptions.

2. Materials Management

  • Since having the right materials is such a large part of the building process, we plan for these in advance so that back orders do not hold up the initial start date or work in progress. The selections for items used in your project are summarized in a selections document that identifies the timelines for order and delivery on site.

3. Crew Assignment and Set Up

  • Each Kawartha Lakes Construction project is managed by a lead hand. The lead hand is assigned to a project from the day ground breaks to the last clean-up so there is a very consistent and efficient presence.
  • We hand pick our staff using DiSC Personality Profiling to help ensure client and lead hand are optimally matched. We have found it amazing how this reduces stress and increases satisfaction for both our client and our staff.

4. Preparing the Building/Renovation Site

  • We ensure the site is carefully prepared for construction.
  • We advise clients of all safety issues and precautions.
  • In a renovation scenario, dust control, noise levels, staging for waste bin, site toilet, materials, and lumber are planned for the most efficiency and least disruption.

5. Project Monitoring and Reporting

  • The project lead responsible for your project provides regular project updates, monitors and guides the construction process, and communicates with our production manager to make sure the weekly scheduling meets the master schedule for the job.
  • Our ability to capture work in progress in digital format means clients can receive photos via email to document construction progress if they are unable to be on site.

6. Completion and Clean Up

  • Our construction teams follow a thorough checklist process, using various benchmarks in construction so that things happen the way they should and our KLC standards can be maintained.
  • Work  is always  completed to code, as described, and the stated contract standard.
  • The project manager conducts a site pre-delivery inspection with the client to ensure all details of the project have been completed to our satisfaction as well as yours.
  • We ensure a clean post-construction environment, including the removal of any equipment from the site, remaining materials and debris.

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