First Contact

Before an initial meeting, we address the following questions by phone or email to determine if the project is a possible fit. We ask about:79 Framing

  • Project timelines
  • Location of building or renovation site
  • Possible challenges
  • Scope of project and rough budget parameters

If there appears to be a fit, a first meeting is established. At the meeting clients are encouraged to:

  • Provide as much information as possible, any scrapbooking or images found online are extremely helpful
  • Meet at the renovation or building site so a general understanding of the scope of the project can be determined
  • Discuss budget parameters of the project design
  • Review photos of our past work that might be relevant to what you are trying to accomplish. Often pictures speak 1,000 words – it’s helpful to us to identify what appeals to you
  • Discuss project timelines
  • Discuss all issues and concerns
  • Discuss how a Design/Build agreement works to move the project forward into the planning concept stage and onto the second stage, working detail specifics and contract.

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