Project Development

During project development, we will guide you through developing comprehensive plans, along with a detailed scope of work and a complete construction package. We encourage our clients to enter into a Design Service Agreement, which we break down into two phases:

Phase 1: Conceptual Design Agreement (CDA)

  • Feasibility study to determine legal issues, setbacks, need for variances, etc.
  • Preliminary drawings conceptually understanding use of  space and aesthetics of the project. This includes elevated drawings, floor plans opportunity to view how the project will look in 3D
  • Preliminary budget relative to client objectives
  • Outline of the preliminary scope of work based on site investigation
  • Outline of the required parameters of your project, materials and timelines

Phase 2: Structural Design Agreement (SDA)

  • Structural working drawings and specifications relative to client objectives adequate to obtain permits
  • Line item pricing for final product selections and descriptions (including product make, model and finishes)
  • Accurate and realistic production calendar with start and finish timeline
  • Detailed construction agreement
  • Fixed cost control 

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