Modern & Functional Garages Increasingly in Demand Throughout Peterborough & the Kawarthas

Peterborough_New Garage_Garage BuildHere at KLC, it’s always interesting to observe the trends in project types that homeowners contact our office about from season to season. Some trends are predictable…when the snow begins to melt, we can count on receiving a surge in calls from home & cottage owners feeling inspired to revamp their deck and outdoor living space. Some trends aren’t so expected. These last few months, garages seem to be back in a big way. We’ve received numerous inquiries from homeowners looking to either renovate their current structure at the home or cottage or design & build a brand new space. While I certainly didn’t see this trend coming, I suppose it’s not a surprising one when you consider how the garage’s role in the home has evolved. No longer a dingy space that’s sole purpose is to house a vehicle and maybe a few decades’ worth of musty cardboard boxes, the garage is a much more important component to the home. Today’s garage needs to be just as aesthetically pleasing as the home, as well as a functional and versatile space.

Garages Aren’t Just for Cars Anymore – Garages are no longer only solely designed for parking cars. More frequently, our clients come to us looking for a solution to transform their garage into a multipurpose, functional space. Some want the space to double as a workshop, a home gym or even a spare bedroom or rec area. As garages are more frequently being converted into additional living space, homeowners this year are looking for ways to make their garages more habitable. In the Kawarthas, regulations differ from township to township, so when planning a new project, we advise getting in touch with us to determine your project’s scope.

More Space, More Toys! – While garages are becoming more versatile in their purposes, safely storing vehicles is still a primary concern. When clients approach us looking to rebuild or renovate their space, one of the first questions we ask about is how are you going to be using the space, not just currently, but looking ahead a few years down the road? How many vehicles do you have? Obviously, Large SUV’s take up much more space than small cars, so planning accordingly is key. If you have children who will have their own vehicles in the near future, plan for that as well. And if you own a boat, ATV or other vehicles, do you want them housed in your garage as well? Storing these recreational vehicles in off-site facilities can be costly…taking an inventory of current and future vehicles/space required is a must.

Clean n’ Tidy – It’s not just the outside of the home or cottage that our clients are focusing on this year. Creating an appealing garage exterior that not only complements the home but also reflects the tastes and style of the homeowner is becoming a priority for homeowners. Furthermore, nobody wants to lift open their garage door and let their neighbors see the mess hiding within their garage. There are a range of trendy new garage organization ideas, including overhead storage, additional cabinetry, and gridwalls.

Whether you are looking to build a new garage, renovate your existing garage, or simply make a few upgrades, our team of Design/Build professionals are here to help. Visit us online, or call 705-652-5241 to speak to one of our team members today.