Dollars Per Square Foot – What Does it Mean?

The term dollars per square foot is one of the most frequently misunderstood terms in the construction industry.

It is a phrase used to establish overall building costs, often without clarification of the construction components that make up this term.

For instance, does the dollar-per-square-foot-price cover only the shell of the structure? Or does it include decks, septic, well and other exterior work? What exactly are the specific details on these items? And how does basement space fit into the equation?

A More Measurable Approach

At Kawartha Lakes Construction, we fully outline the costs that are unavoidable – first costs such as hydro hook-up, well, septic and road. Next, we back these costs out of the total budget to provide a clear picture of what is left.

Budgeting is broken out into cost definitions using 25 specific divisions so that clients can understand where the money gets spent. For example, we work with each individual to determine detailed pricing on flooring, fixtures and cabinetry options. These line items provide a range for individual budgets, offering a clear understanding, up front, of the total costs.