Project Checklist

Check Your List

Before any work begins:

  • Start and finish dates are arranged and payment schedules are agreed upon – these will be defined  in the KLC contract
  • Ensure financing arrangements are compatible to the draw schedule set out in the contract
  • Carefully review the contract with KLC before signing
  • Ensure the choice of all materials and finishes and selections for fixturing
  • Ensure that all necessary permits and/or inspections are in place
  • Identify and communicate inconveniences and disruptions for the benefit of others in your household, and to nearby neighbours as a courtesy
  • Clear work areas of furniture and obstructions
  • Obtain necessary insurance coverage. Notify your carrier that you are building or renovating. KLC will be happy to supply its coverage as well. Often it is best for your broker and ours to swap policy information so that everyone has correct coverages in place. (You can be liable if you perform changes to your home without notifying your carrier first.)
  • Arrange parking, delivery and safe storage areas
  • Designate one member of the household as the project liaison