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Meet the Team: Damien Morgan, Project Consultant

June 24, 2019

Posted by Lindsay Wilson in Meet the Team

As both a natural-born performer and trained pianist, Damien is as versatile as he is talented.

He recalls being “very comfortable up on a stage in front of people. It wasn’t as much about my playing as it was about how I conducted myself on stage. I was comfortable in front of an audience and I was a performer. I would approach the piano bench, sit down carefully and quietly, take a deep breath just like public speaking, look at the notes, and take my time.”

Nuanced Listening Skills

One of his early and most influential piano teachers encouraged him to develop a diverse and eclectic musical palette. She encouraged him to listen to all sorts of musical genres and develop nuanced listening skills. She told him “to become a good musician you have to have a certain amount of repertoire; to become a great musician you have to really understand how all those different genres of music work; even Hip-Hop, Reggae, Blues, Classical, Operatic, popular standards, and I did.”

Damien’s background as a pianist, coupled with the listening skills he’s honed over a lifetime, make him a natural fit for his role as Project Consultant at KLC.

The Role of a Project Consultant at KLC

Project consulting is listening to a client’s concerns or wishes specific to a build or renovation and offering solutions. It’s basically a consultative role: giving ideas, guidance, and some advice. In his role as Project Consultant Damien uses the skills he’s developed as a performer and salesman over the years to create a strong rapport with his clients.

His background is primarily in sales having started at the age of 17 working in his father’s garage as a general labourer. Damien explains he had “no aspirations to become a mechanic but I learned more about people working on their cars. You have to have a certain amount of tenacity in making recommendations for repairs on their car, I think this is where the sales thing came in, in taking them through their bills and why it costs what it costs.”

A Love of People is Essential!

Before working at KLC, Damien worked in sales in the UK for 10 years with a computer company. As a salesperson he knew he had to “learn to be very articulate, very comfortable in my own skin, know what I’m talking about, a good presenter, a good listener, and have an engaging personality.”  

Ultimately, an essential part of sales requires a person to have some natural, innate gifts as well, including a love of people. “I like people, genuinely. I’m not a big book reader, but I learn a lot from people,” Damien explains. “You have to like people to be in sales. That is the 101.”

Damien Morgan is a Project Consultant at Kawartha Lakes Construction. If you wish to connect with Damien or the KLC team to discuss your own renovation or build project, contact us today!

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